NHRC Welcomes the Addition of Native Hawaiians verified by OHA

August 7, 2013

Native Hawaiian Roll Commission Welcomes Addition of Native Hawaiians Verified by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs

Honolulu, HI - The Native Hawaiian Roll Commission welcomes the addition of Native Hawaiians whose genealogy has been verified by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) to the Kana`iolowalu registry. Articles in the August issue of Ka Wai Ola describe the process. OHA is acting to preserve future rights of Hawaiians on the Kau Inoa, Operation Ohana and the Hawaiian Registry by transferring their names. Those who do not wish to have their names transferred have until September 15 to call Jacee Smith of OHA at 808.594.1835. After September 15, 2013, OHA will transfer the names of Native Hawaiians whose genealogy has been confirmed as part of its Hawaiian registry program to the Kana`iolowalu registry.

“This is a common sense approach,” said Native Hawaiian Roll Commission Chair former Governor John Waihee. If you are a Native Hawaiian who has already been confirmed on an OHA registry, then you don’t even have to sign up again, you will automatically be placed on the roll.”

“We are trying to make this process as simple and as efficient as we can,” said Commissioner Na`alehu Anthony. “I’ve had many people express their appreciation for the transfer and simplified process. At the same time, we respect those who don’t want to join this initiative.”

Native Hawaiians on the Kana`iolowalu registry are excited about the opportunity to participate in next steps concerning Native Hawaiian governance. “I have signed up because I want to help shape how we empower ourselves and care for our resources in a way that perpetuates our language and our culture,“ said Denise Ka‘a‘a. “Being on the roll ensures that I can participate and in today’s world, being at the table and participating can make every difference in the outcome.”

In 2011, Governor Neil Abercrombie signed Act 195 into law, recognizing Native Hawaiians as the indigenous population of the Hawaiian Islands. The law established the Native Hawaiian Roll Commission, with unpaid commissioners appointed by the Governor, to certify and publish a roll of Qualified Native Hawaiians. Act 195 called for the roll to be used to organize a Native Hawaiian governing entity that is recognized by the State of Hawai‘i. Click here to register today. For more information about the Native Hawaiian Roll Commission or the content of this announcement, call 808.594.0088 or visit www.kanaiolowalu.org.


This press release was distributed by TiLeaf Group, a national Native advocacy firm that works with clients focused on projects that contribute to the well-being of native communities. For more information about TiLeaf Group visit http://tileafgroup.com/. For more information regarding the Native Hawaiian Roll Commission or the content of the announcement above, interested parties should call 808.594.0088 or visit www.kanaiolowalu.org.

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